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The Faculty of Protestant Theology at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) München was established in 1968. Since its foundation, the faculty has become one of the strongest research-based faculties of theology in the German-speaking world, with extensive international influence.

The Chairs represent the classic theological disciplines: Old Testament Studies I (History and History of Literature), Old Testament Studies II (Theology and History of Religion in the Ancient Near East), New Testament Studies I (New Testament and Ancient Judaism), New Testament Studies II (New Testament in the Graeco-Roman World), Church History I (Patristics and History of Non-European Christianity), Church History II (Reformation and Modern Era), Systematic Theology and Ethics, Systematic Theology with emphasis on Dogmatics, Philosophy and Ecumenics, Practical Theology I (Homiletics and Communication Theory), Practical Theology II (Pedagogy and Didactics of Protestant Instruction) as well as Study of Religion. 

The faculty cooperates closely with the Faculty of Catholic Theology and with the Institute of Orthodox Theology.  With this comprehensive approach to Christian beliefs, LMU is the only University in Europe with the opportunity for comparative study of the three major branches of Christendom.  The three institutions are jointly in charge of the Ecumenical Research Institute.

Via the Institute of Mission Studies and History of Religions the Faculty of Protestant Theology participates in offering the transdisciplinary Study of Religion program.

The new Library of Theology and Philosophy is the largest of its kind in the German-speaking countries.  It is used jointly by the Faculties of Theology and the Faculty of Philosophy and the Study of Religion and provides the best working conditions for study and research.

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) München is one of Germany’s largest universities.  Based on the broad range of subjects, an interdisciplinary approach is possible.  This applies to teacher programs which are a particular focus of the Faculty of Protestant Theology, as well as to its Magister (Master) programs.

The Faculty engages in international exchange activities with partner faculties in Europe: Bern (Switzerland), Helsinki (Finland), Leiden (Netherlands), Prague (Czech Republic), Bratislava (Slovakia), Sibiu (Romania), and other international faculties: Chicago (USA), San Salvador (El Salvador), Edmonton (Canada) and Pretoria (South Africa).  Extended continuously, this network offers students the opportunity to spend part of their studies abroad without bureaucratic hurdles or additional course fees.  The faculty has a relatively high proportion of international students.

The Faculty also houses the research center of the Evangelische Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Kirchliche Zeitgeschichte (EvAKiZ) of the “Evangelische Kirche in Deutschland” (Protestant Churches of Germany, EKD), including its extensive library, the Youth and Church Research Center, the Protestant Press Archives and the junior research group ELSA "Religion in Bioethical Discourse" which is supported by the Federal Ministry of Economics & Technology.  The Technology-Theology-Natural Sciences  Institute (TTN) is connected to the Faculty and serves as an affiliated institute of LMU Munich.  A major project of the Faculty is the critical edition of the complete works of Ernst Troeltsch.