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1967 - 2017


The Faculty Celebrates 50 Years

The Faculty of Protestant Theology was joined in its celebration of 50 years by a large audience of present and past students and  professors, as well as various representatives from the Bavarian State Church, the Culture Ministry of Bavaria and the University.  The evening of November 16th included the presentation of an honorary doctorate to Frau Hildegund Holzheid, who was for many years the President of the Regional Court in Munich (Oberlandesgerichtes München).  Congratulations to the Faculty and to Frau Holzheid were conferred by the President of LMU; the Bishop of the Bavarian Lutheran Church, Heinrich Bedford-Strohm; the Bavarian Minister of Science, Ludwig Spaenle; the Minister of Justice, Winfried Bausback; and the current President of the Bavarian Constitutional Courts, Peter Küspert.  The speeches were framed by the virtuoso muiscal performances by the pianist (and Professor of New Testament), Loren Stuckenbruck.  A magnificent reception followed.

Alexander J.M. Wedderburn Obituary

The Emeritus Professor of New Testament, Alexander J.M. Wedderburn, passed from this life after a lenghty illness on March 31, 2018.  Dr. Wedderburn served on the Faculty of Protestant Theology in Munich from 1994 to 2006.  An obituary in English can be found at the bottom of the German page by clicking on the headline above.