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Prof. Dr. Christian Albrecht

The subjects of this Chair's research and teaching span the entire spectrum of Practical Theology with the exception of Religious Education. They include Homiletics and Theory of Media Communication in addition to Liturgics, Poimenics, Diaconics, Pastoral Theology, Cybernetics, Doctrine of Principles and the Scientific History of Practical Theology. Practical theology as understood at this Institute addresses the recurrent problems of church and pastoral practice by reflecting on ways in which principles of tradition can offer orientation in issues of the modern era. Practical theology is guided by respect for those it addresses; in other words, its goal is not to deliver ready-made judgment, but to encourage the independent ability to form judgments. Practical theology as understood here thus has the task of encouraging the education of prospective theologians.  The idea of education is thus paramount in the theory of practical theology: education is that fundamental dimension of practical theology which is able to determine and shape the identity and unfolding of practical theology.

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